Deja vu – Self Portrait as parquet flooring under renovation


mostly it’s just a matter

of moving things around

until names disappear.


what was there before,

the elusive, fragile,

smudged and brittle

is rearranged.


I try for laughter

but it’s exhausting,

this renovation thing,

this endless penitential kneeling,

inhaling sawdust and glue

to make new

that which was broken.


It can be

like living in a smashed mirror

or walking on ice

that’s cracking like thunder

all around you.


It can be

like the sting of a zen stick,

every molecule of attention

suddenly, brilliantly



it can be

everything begins to fragment

and the danger then is


which part

fits where.


drawing and poem by clinock.

Deja vu = edited redux from 2014.

21 thoughts on “Deja vu – Self Portrait as parquet flooring under renovation

    1. Happy to know it has lasting quality for you Robert. (Good memory btw). I’m hanging out some older posts to air in the spring sun…editing the poems if they ask me to…


  1. Rather like a Picasso! Are you really renovating parquet floors? I do not think I have ever read a poem about home repairs but this one keeps its sense of humor. May you survive living in a broken mirror while kneeling. Good job either way!


    1. All the renovations here, Jo Nell, are entirely metaphorical, inner DIY. Although now you mention it I suppose much of the poem might just as well be talking about the process of renovating… anything!


  2. Fragmented and reconstructed. The creative process I can’t get enough of! And as if this wasn’t enough, your words rush in, fragments of the same image… a world in full bloom. 🙂


    1. In the metaphorical sense of this piece Carl it never ends for me, but in the sense of your comment…many renos but never laying floors! Always good to hear from you my friend…


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