Deja vu – Ghosts, Joan of Arc

joan of arc

Seeking sanctuary from the burn

I enter her cold and holy dance,

and am unmasked, and frozen

between armors of snow

and tundric nakedness

as she avalanches

to a purer love.


She moves in fires I cannot enter

and consumes my sleep in flames.

She pours herself through me,

a radiant and smoldering lava

scorching a charcoal path

on which I ride

to her bright beauty.


There is seduction in her conflagration

that binds me with smoky tongues

and releases me in blinding light.

Her immaculate impossibility remains

and I am fused forever

to this sighing ghost

of ash and passion.


painting and poem by clinock.

Deja vu – edited redux from 2014.


10 thoughts on “Deja vu – Ghosts, Joan of Arc

  1. After reading this it took me back, John, to Leonard Cohen’s Joan of Arc. Such lyrical beauty fills my afternoon. I agree with Marina. I’ve missed reading your poetry. And this painting!…water and fire in ecstasy.


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