Beat Mashup – Kerouac and Jazz

Road Rose


Video thanks to You Tube / Photo of Jack Kerouac thanks to Google Images

Mixed media art by clinock.

22 thoughts on “Beat Mashup – Kerouac and Jazz

  1. Love the collage John….my first viewing was on my phone, much smaller, so I saw the swirl as a rose. The scientific equipment (?) as perhaps the body interior. All of the elements are so well integrated and in relationship. It is very satisfying to look at. Complex, complicated with depth but cohesive. I can tell you’ve been out in the garden?


    1. In the eye of the beholder, as it should be. I am gratified by your looking and seeing and pleased by your satisfaction Jana. Yes, garden puttering, an excuse to be out in storms of bird song and floating seeds, clutching great fat sods of writhing soil in my paws, conversing with unfolding ferns and inhaling lilac…

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  2. John……love listening to the video while viewing your artwork. The rhythmic beat passages let you dive into and out of the image discovering more and more as you go. A lovely marrage of image and sound!


    1. has me scrambling for my Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Ken Nordine CDs…… And since you’ve got me in a poetic frame of mind maybe I’ll watch SLAM tonight.


  3. The collage really fits the mood John. The Beats seem more relevant now than anything. I was reading Ferlinghetti earlier, a slim volume, ‘dead on’ observations/ word collaging.


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