MASHUP – Eno and Schwitters @the VAG

Part 2: Brian Eno covers Kurt Schwitters.




10 thoughts on “MASHUP – Eno and Schwitters @the VAG

  1. Just fabulous! I studied Schwitters at art school – love the whole of dada – there was a fantastic exhibition at the Tate at the same time. I vividly remember Ursonate! And Eno too – a real hero of mine. Have you ever read his bio ‘a year with swollen appendices’. I especially love his music with David Byrne. Oh this has set off so many happy memories – thank you 🙂


    1. To create a trigger for happy memories…I couldn’t ask for more positive feedback than this. Schwitters and his Dada ilk were almost cult heros to us during my art school days…Duchamp especially. I remember a large poster of him on our studio wall…someone had scrawled “we love you Marcel” and someone else had painted the same moustache on him as he had added to La Gioconda.
      Haven’t read Eno’s bio but will look for it now…thanks for recommending it and for your wonderful comment.


    2. Did you enjoy Blonk’s performance of Ursonate on my previous post? I thought it one of the most brilliant sound poetry performances I have ever heard.


      1. Isn’t it amazing. It speaks from so many eras but still has a timeless or even futuristic vibe. I don’t think this performance could be bettered. I’m thinking now if Schwitters could have foreseen us being able to enjoy this from anywhere in the world, whenever we want, a century on. … What an amazing world we live in.


  2. again – fabulous connections and interconnections. never saw this video before. Looking forward to the new eno album coming out later this month.


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