“Sitting quietly, doing nothing,

Spring comes,

grass grows,

by itself.”

Matsuo Bashō

Painting: Acrylic on found driftwood by clinock.

13 thoughts on “HAPPY mashup SPRING

    1. And to you Marina…Equinox plus a full moon in Aries, talk about building potential energies…phewwww…hard to sit still despite what Basho says 🙂


  1. And a Happy Spring to you also! I see your grass growing in all sorts of interesting directions as spring makes it grow. We played Vivaldi’s Spring on Sunday but it was not as lively as this version! Very creative and unusual! I discover so much from your blog!


    1. Thank you Jo Nell. What I love about this Vivaldi mashup is the age, energy and skill of the musicians. Does my heart good to be reminded that art of every kind is still being discovered and kept alive as it always has been, by the young…


  2. Would love to see that Vivaldi performance live!

    Fantastic work, where did you find the driftwood? Is the Bashō poem scratched away or just painted on? For some reason, I imagined you wrote it by scratching away layers of paint…


    1. Me too Billimarie, and thank you. The driftwood is from a Vancouver beach which is blessed with an endless supply. The poem is painted on. Thanks for keeping in touch…


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