Auguries 1


Birds on wires,

musical notes, perhaps

a singing telegram

lost in translation,

lost in the gray.


It’s a dead worm

wriggling in the wind,

she said, and I added

A crushed crow,

red and blackly abstracted

with truck prints.

A woman laughing

in a doorway, and

pale movements

in my peripheral vision.



stagger, wave, shimmer,

appear unbidden

unfurling from sodden earth,

emerging from mists,

shaped like cats, seagulls, roses,

smelling like rainsoaked moss,

sounding like birds on wires

beginning to unfold,

cleaving me



photo and poem by clinock

*for best viewing experience, click on image*

19 thoughts on “Auguries 1

  1. Losing our edges under overcast skies
    the defined line of self and other softens
    bending and blending form…
    Wonderful poem John. I like your muse. Acorn necklaces and now dead worms wriggling. I looked up the word “cleave” because it stood out for me. So interesting… As a verb without an object as in “cleave to” it means to adhere. And just the opposite as a verb with an object. “to penetrate or pass through, to sever” … adding layers of meaning. Yea! I notice this is a new series?


    1. Your opening three lines are perfect Jana, you plucked the mood right out of the rain. I like my muse too, except when she flaunts the whole mystery thing and then doesn’t come ’round for months, (are muses always female? Bring out all those gorgeous male muses I say, the ones who never realized they were).
      Good research on “cleave”…who knew? My use was of the ‘penetrate and pass through’ ilk…
      the unfolding wings of the words of the wired birds passed through me like a sword of burning feathers.
      A new series? Yes, I think so…

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    1. “music transmitted through their feet!” I do like that image/sound Eph. Have you ever had a singing telegram? I may be dating myself but I have. That’s another story ;)…2016 I guess it would be ‘Singing Twitter’?
      I actually have always had, from little kidship, a sense of the sound of the wires, and have always wondered if the birds could feel that electric power passing through their feet…


    1. Dear Marina, you are always so positive. I need that at a time when the whole planet seems to be suffering, crying out like Munch’s “Scream” . I do what I can but it never seems enough. How do you maintain your beautiful hope?


      1. I wonder too sometimes. I suppose when everything is collapsing around you, the only thing you can do is desperately look for a light / beauty. I just zoom in on that and erase the surroundings. A psychologist would say that this is unhealthy. I say, it keeps me alive! 😉


  2. I am a bit literal, but quite taken by the image of the birds (yes, notes on a stave) but also they are rocking and rolling and only just hanging on I think. It augurs for imminent flight. I trust that this does not augur for a universally unsettling process (despite present reality for so many homeless and fleeing souls).


    1. Don’t know if you are “a bit literal” Philippa but I’m certain you are more than a bit ‘littoral’ and so good at it!…Yes the pigeons are always in motion, balancing, on the edge of flight but never quite. Even pigeons have a peace not known to the “…fleeing souls” you wrote of and we all feel brotherhood for. The planet is in upheaval, we don’t need auguries to tell us that. My auguries are about being so open to every aspect of the world it’s like being an artist.

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