fāz/the Jester and her Jester

A jester and her jester

Why are we not all born

with a jester attached?

With us until we die.

To keep us awake.

To remind us of the truth.

To fill mortality with laughter

and the jingle of bells?

If the jester

listens to her jester

as the brain listens to the heart

she may eventually find peace

among the flow and thrust

of our twisted ribbons.

Are we finally saved then,

can I relax now

or did i get it wrong again?

I’m certain I saw a family resemblance

and, it was only yesterday was it not

that the ferryman winked at me?

And although the days are losing definition

I’m certain it was the same day

you made a necklace out of acorns

and hung it around my neck, laughing.

The partnership is blessed

and sacrificed

at the same moment.

The breast to the memory stone.

Not a circle after all but an arc.

And all is suddenly Carnival,

bright and loud and gilded,

showing the folds and creases

of pockets and wallets and bags

as we leave them at the door.


we are

free to dance.

The Jester and her Jester. 18×14″. Acrylic on paper on panel.

Painting and poem by clinock.

12 thoughts on “fāz/the Jester and her Jester

  1. Wonderful painting John. Great textures. It’s intriguing the way the blues both recede and come forward…like ocean waves. It’s a handsome skull and to my eyes it’s playing the pan pipes! Just the music for their dance. Love the whole poem but especially these lines…
    “as the brain listens to the heart
    she may eventually find peace
    among the flow and thrust
    of our twisted ribbons.
    Are we finally saved then,
    can I relax now
    or did i get it wrong again?” …. a perennial question.


    1. Thank you Jana for your always perceptive and poetic words…it’s an endless fascination to me which parts of a painting and which lines of a poem people shine their spotlights on…i see the skull with new eyes now and am reading the lines you have isolated with a renewed consciousness of the whole.
      when i go offer my liver to the laughing wino on the corner
      and from my teeth create a set of panpipes that i will play
      on the other corner, a dancing skeleton scaring innocent pedestrians


  2. So much to absorb on this painting and poem John. Removing the attractive border of the previous works allows us to focus more on the meaning of the image which is required when considering your poem. Both are a triumph and your words are still echoing in my mind. I love your final words “unburdened we are free to dance”……..and paint!!!!


    1. I wondered if anyone would notice that this faz was a moth in a kaleidoscope of butterflies…and of course you did Mr.Robert. It’s the only one in the whole series sans a decorated frame. I guess it actually doesn’t belong in faz but if i had left it out it might have ended up at the painting pound and so I gave it a home!
      It means a lot to me, your kind words, thank you…


  3. The Jester and Her Jester is a very intriguing idea John. Like a shadow or echo. The ‘necklace out of acorns’ Just puts it in mythical territory for me. The Oak. Love that lower face with all the bright blue beneath the (ahem) ‘branch.’


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