fāz/Frank Undershoe and petz or this is called, “Walkies’



an extract from an ARC interview with Frank Undershoe held last September at his home in a shed in Hope, British Columbia. Canada.

Art Rat Cafe (ARC): And it is further rumored, Mr. Undershoe, that you have the largest and most unique collection of petz in this province, if not in the world…

Frank Undershoe (FU): I prefer not to call them petz

ARC: Can you elaborate on your preference Mr. Undershoe?

FU: Can you elaborate on yours?

ARC: How should we then refer to these remarkable beings that share your life?

FU: (long silence………………………………………………………etc)

ARC: Jolly good! Then perhaps I can ask how many petz strike through are in your care?

FU: I don’t care for them and they don’t care for me (grabs a straw hat and cane from the coat rack and performs a brief but graceful soft shoe shuffle)…as for the number thing at its best it’s a stretch from an incomprehensible number to five.

ARC: Dear Mr.Frankie, how ARE you feeling now? Can you tell us about the two petz strike through who have just appeared in the frame with you, can you?

FU: My guess is as good as yours Ratty. The upside down hanging thing appears to be offsprung from a poodle and a sloth, and the cute little origami man is just desperate to go out, needs to pee i wouldn’t wonder…

ARC: Did you know, your right eye is a dolphin?

FU: Is this all preordained?


Frank Undershoe and petz strike through. 18×14″. Acrylic on paper on panel.

Painting and writing by clinock.


8 thoughts on “fāz/Frank Undershoe and petz or this is called, “Walkies’

  1. Curious, I googled Frank Undershoe and this mystical curmudgeon appears only here in this interview at ARC! How fortunate we are to have this small glimpse into his fascinating life. Are any of his petz available for adoption?


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