fāz/Send and Receive

Send and Receive

What can I say? I receive, something. A fragment. What I receive I try to express and make tangible with pigment, hand, brush and rag, dance and struggle, and then I send, out, here two dimensional and back lit, and there as objects hung on track lit walls. Viewed either way, by some, passed by most.

This is where the one becomes two, where the road forks, where there are now figures in a relationship, sharing the space that was before inhabited only by one.

All relationships reciprocate energy…I can’t even begin to navigate through the energies sent and received in this painting…

Sometimes it makes me laugh.
Sometimes I find it melodramatic, sometimes tragic.

It could be an opera!

Send and Receive. 18×14″. Acrylic on paper on panel.   Painting and text by clinock.

18 thoughts on “fāz/Send and Receive

  1. It could be another fine painting! Just when I think I have found a favorite another comes along…..like this one and changes everything! One becoming two….or two becoming one……sending and receiving…….receiving and sending. A true cycle of life!


  2. It’s framed perfectly, John, to be hanging on a wall with stereo headphones in quadraphonic sound.
    Huh…I just now discovered the third character in this opera. The plot thickens…


      1. Oh! Interesting questions. Thanks for asking. Well…probably Led Zeppelin for the sound track. They can definitely be operatic and with the effervescent breasts bounding in stage right, I imagine Shakespeare might want to join in and have some fun with this one.


    1. “effervescent breasts bounding in stage right”…love your mind so much Jana, such hilarious and perfect images…and Will? you really think he might join the dance?


    1. Thank you Carl for your generous comment. I know my art is not as accessible as some, but it’s me and keeps me growing and alive. I encourage everyone to not merely look at visual art and pass on by, but to spend time to get to know it in every way that has meaning to you…


    1. Thank you for your empathy for the tragic side of this coin Lesley, but fear not my friend…remember that when one pushes something to the extreme it will always flip over into its opposite! I hope you find the mask of comedy here as well.

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