fāz/Little Joker

Little Joker

Little Joker

she’s a nest of wasps.

Tough Love is her middle name.

She is never invited

but when it’s lesson time

on her watch

she visits anyway.




She skitters through my ankles,

laughing like a donkey,

stumbling me

and whipping my legs

with nettles and scorpions,

keeping me dancing,

keeping me annoyed,

keeping me awake.

That’s her game.


She is mosquito, horse fly, black fly.

She is everything that bites

and cannot settle.

She pesters my dreams with her breasts,

smudges my canvas with her tongue,

and as my head explodes,

she vanishes.


And the bliss of silence returns,

the ecstasy of peace.

That’s her game.


Little Joker. 18×14″. Acrylic on paper on panel.   Painting and poem by clinock.

7 thoughts on “fāz/Little Joker

  1. Guess she is always with you to keep you off center……not become complacent, always alert. Her prominent breasts are only challenged by her big teeth but she does have a raw attractive beauty. Both poem and painting describe her well!


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