fāz/Reliquary Head

Reliquary Head


In Italian cathedrals I saw glass boxes (Reliquaries) containing the (reputed) heads and limbs of saints. I wondered how it must feel to be the afterlife spirit of that person trapped inside an aquarium of death with his or her body part(s) for ever on display and with people staring all and every day, however much they prayed, a claustrophobic hell, a spiritual zoo.

How could everlasting peace ever be found?

What a horrific ending for a lifetime of faith and service.

I hope that these sad relics are nothing more than wax effigies. However, on the off chance that they are real this painting is to light a candle and say a prayer for all fragmented souls.

Reliquary Head. 18×14″. Acrylic on paper on panel. By clinock.

*(see fāz/ Ada and Anna for back story)*

10 thoughts on “fāz/Reliquary Head

  1. The painting is very beautiful. I also feel strange looking at relics. Such private private parts 🙂 But the owner probably doesn’t mind much, being in the state he/she is… x


    1. Thank you Ina, and I guess that’s the big question arising from this painting. A question no one can ever answer. If our death is fragmented in some way, as in this case, can we still find peace and let go or are we forever trapped in some in between quest for wholeness?

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