25 thoughts on “still here…

      1. y’know I think we missed each 0ther by just a few days, I came back about a year ago! Idk where the time went to, but yes, art school is complete (for now). I got a Distinction. Very happy! Look forward to catching up on your news too 🙂


    1. Yes Philippa, (did he get the one eL double Pee right after so long?) So much of what we call reality depends on memory and this memory has surrendered…I, you, a warm connection…happy to see you still here…


  1. a revolve around the sun, later…it is nice to see you return & open up your café, Clinock! It’s somewhere that I can visit, as I prepare for a possible 6-month-winter season. Thanks for sharing your creations


    1. good to hear from you babajij and I’m always happy to share what i make; however, I’m not sure if it will be enough to keep you warm and entertained through a half year of winter 😉

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