Autumn Blues.

autumnbluesSummer’s blood

thinned by foghorns

and chilling rain

turns tentative,

injecting veins

with a shivering

stuttering neon.

blues detail1Stretched by wind

skin is tightened

into geometries

of angled cold,

light weakens,

eyes struggle

against sleep.

blues detail2

The season moves

with the languorous

throb and angst

of Tchaikovsky

grinding October blues

through the smoky air

of burning leaves.

blues detail3

blues detail4

Are these the colours

of rusting memories

of a summer gone?

the falling glories

of the wings of trees?

or the ragged motley

of a jester at a wake?


painting and poem by clinock (edited redux)

18 thoughts on “Autumn Blues.

    1. I’m quite taken with “neon and metal and molten wax.” It bounces along nicely and tempts me to try these as media in a future painting, although I’m not sure how I would apply the neon…The Philip Dick pun is brilliant and an excellent question, or perhaps koan?…I don’t know the answer, I will sheep on it…


  1. A perfect trio John……a stunning Picassoesque portrait with separate viewing segments. A poem that describes the colors and nostalgia of the passing seasons so well and truely enhanced with Tchaikovsky quietly playing in the background. A delight in ever way!


    1. So very glad you enjoyed this Robert…sometimes I wonder why I blog…but when I receive responses like yours it all comes into focus…thanks my friend…


  2. You portrait is a strong one, love the brightness of the colours, and the poem made me think of the walk we made today, in the woods. It was a short walk, but good 🙂 Great posting again!


  3. ‘…Summer’s blood…thinned by foghorns…’ – You had me right there. The lines are like stained glass, prismatic, and heightened. And the jester enters in his ~ Autumn. Looking at the full portrait with the music playing – I feel him looking into the heart of the music. Does the music come before or after the foghorns?


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