Ghosts – Dreams for Sale

bed1Ghosts sleep

behind this window glass,

their memories confused

by labyrinths of iron

and caresses

of prospective buyers.


Their spines and cheeks

leave no impression

but I see them,

layered deep in time,

all who slept and dreamed and loved

on this Baroque and dislocated bed

embraced in the arms of Morpheus.


The antique sign says

“Dreams for Sale.”

Outside looking in

I am inside looking out.

My face reflects

on haunted pillows.

I pause,


“You are loved”

and walk on.


 Photo and Poem by clinock. (edited redux)

10 thoughts on “Ghosts – Dreams for Sale

  1. …all who slept and dreamed and loved…on this Baroque and dislocated bed…embraced in the arms of Morpheus…
    Oh do I ever love these three lines in particular…so gorgeous….

  2. “I pause,
    “You are loved”
    and walk on.”
    And I hear these last words echo, resounding in the walls of your sleeping breath…. the world heart embracing you, John….

  3. Coin dropped
    carelessly into the slot…
    automatic gesture, presumed outcome
    like bus fare purchase yesterday and
    day before.

    I missed the sign, “Dreams for Sale”
    or I might have been more
    invested…blowing on the coin, saying a prayer.

    Instead, it slipped down an endless shoot,
    cling clinging.
    And my dream was lost, along with the coin,
    because I didn’t take that moment,
    to notice.

  4. Perfectly and mysteriously dreamlike Kathleen…I can now add ‘poet’ to all of the other creatively wonderful facets I know of you. Thank you for this…

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