Ghosts – Joan of Arc

joan of arc

Seeking sanctuary from the burn

I enter her cold and holy dance,

and am unmasked, and frozen

between unseen armor

and tundric nakedness

as she avalanches

to a purer love.

She moves in fires I cannot enter

and consumes my night in flames.

She pours herself through me,

a radiant and smoldering lava

scorching a charcoal path

on which I follow

her bright beauty.

There is mystery in her conflagration

binding me with smoky tongues

and releasing me in blinding light.

Her immaculate impossibility remains

and I am fused forever

to this sighing ghost

of ash and passion.

painting and poem by clinock

14 thoughts on “Ghosts – Joan of Arc

  1. John, this is so strong, the poem and the painting, I hope you will get it in an exhibition, with all the wonderful blues and other lovely paintings, and your art. Or in a book. Best: both! A blog is nice, but your art deserves more exposure, in a proper settiing! ❤


    1. Ina, your constant positivity and support inspires me to continue to create and share and I thank you for this. I have been in a few group shows this year and even sold some pieces. A book is still a concept floating in my head and I procrastinate when it comes to the practicalities of making it tangible. Although not the perfect medium the blog does provide a viable and somewhat flexible platform on which to present art and poetry together and to hear valuable feedback from other artists and writers. In some aspects it is actually better than a physical gallery. ❤


  2. Love the highly graphic design of the female figure. Very vivid and seductive. Love the words. Such adoration. Many images to decipher in homage to her. Feels so European. And from another century. Maybe the first century ever.


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