And Now For Something A Bit Different (21st Century Word Slogans and Memes by Douglas Coupland)

I am sharing Gary’s personal take on Coupland’s ‘Slogans for the 21st century’ because I enjoyed his comments and am happy for another point of view from someone else who attended the show. I have followed Gary’s blog for a long time and am always inspired by his art and deeply thoughtful meditations on what it is to be human in our challenging world. I encourage you to visit Gary’s site and immerse yourself in his compassionate and insightful words and images.

Waking Spirals

“Anywhere is Everywhere is Anything is Everything”
— Douglas Coupland

Today I went to an art exhibit of the works of the writer/artist Douglas Coupland with the title of the above quote. It was an amazing exhibit and a remarkable reflection of what it means to live during the internet age… There was a room of memes – 21st century slogans that I thought I’d share some of for tonight’s blog. All slogans from the exhibit with perhaps the occasional comment from me.

I Miss My Pre-Internet Brain

Last week I was thinking how difficult it was to remember how I researched things and how different things were before I had basically the world of information at my fingertips. I know that my attention span has shrunk tho my ability to access information has increased. My short-term memory has decreased tho my ability to multi-task has reached an all time…

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