Word Clouds 2 and Slogan #5 (Douglas Coupland at the VAG)

word cloud 3(interviewer) Are there deeper connections between your art and novels?
(Coupland) They’re so interconnected. You can’t just kill one Siamese twin. Part of the survey is a [section] where books become objects and then objects turn into words. And each of my books has all sorts of suggestions of either sculpture or installation or time-based art. In Microserfs in particular, there’s all those word clouds. The premise was What if your hard drive was dreaming? And guess what? Twenty years later, word clouds are just the way we file information now. For a decade I got people saying, “Gosh, Doug, your writing is very, dot-dot-dot, visual isn’t it? And I was never sure if it was a put-down or put-up. I realized what they’re telling me is “Doug, I’m not a visual thinker, and your books are written that way so it’s very hard for me to get into them.” I think non visual thinking is spread around the human race in a 2-to-1 ratio to visual thinking. Inasmuch as there’s a book world, I’ve never felt a part of it, and I don’t think I ever will.

Thanks to http://www.vulture.com/ for this interview fragment.

word clouds 4Slogan # 5:

Slogan 5Please see my first post in this series for full explanation of all posts. Also see my first ‘Slogans’ and ‘Word Cloud’ posts for details on this section.

Credits: thank you to Douglas Coupland and the Vancouver Art Gallery for images and wall descriptions.

All photos by clinock.


7 thoughts on “Word Clouds 2 and Slogan #5 (Douglas Coupland at the VAG)

  1. Well picked fragment from his interview!
    What he hadn’t planed for is the hidden message within his frame accompanied by a portrait [: you photographing it!]. I don’t know if it was intentional but it’s perfect! 🙂


  2. I finally got to see the exhibit today and am really sorry I waited so long as I would love to go back. The room of slogans alone is worth it tho everything in the exhibit is worth seeing. What an amazing perspective Coupland has.


    1. I was there for much of today, maybe saw you in the long queue without knowing…Yes Gary, much to see and absorb.I have visited often during this summer, easy with a membership. So glad you made it for a final glimpse of this amazing show….


    1. Ah, the mystery of art! You are not alone in your point-of-view Carl. Obviously I love Coupland’s work and writings or I would not have posted this series. One ‘gets it’ or one doesn’t. It’s all in the mind. I think there’s no good or bad, no right or wrong in art. Each viewer gives and takes according to his / her nature. One can take or leave it with impunity. Art exists, we exist and life goes on. BTW, I also love nursery school kids’ art 😉


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