Slogans for the 21st century #3. (Douglas Coupland at the VAG)

Slogans 3Paranoia or reality?

Please see my first post in this series for full explanation of all posts. Also see my first ‘Slogans…’ post for details on this section.

Credits: thank you to Douglas Coupland and the Vancouver Art Gallery for images and wall descriptions.

All photos by clinock

19 thoughts on “Slogans for the 21st century #3. (Douglas Coupland at the VAG)

  1. John I don’t mind if machines are talking about me behind my back……at least they are talking about me…….second thought…….they might learn something about art too!


      1. John I’m afraid I do try to joke about serious matters sometimes……especially things we have little or no control over. The implications for the future can be…….
        well we survived Orwell’s 1984…..or did we? Great post!


    1. My dear Robert, no worries, no fears…humour is our greatest weapon against despair. 1984 was the year my first son was born so it has gained a different meaning for me. You and I are vibrant and creative remnants of a pre-internet age. Our grandchildren will sit at our feet in awe as we did, hearing the stories of our pre-TV grandparents. Change is the only constant. To quote the Grateful Dead:
      “Sometimes the light’s all shinin’ on me,
      Other times I can barely see.
      Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it’s been.”
      Keep on truckin my friend…


    1. Hi Rita, nice to see you and sorry for not visiting for awhile, my notification process seems all awry since I changed my Theme. I like your take on this slogan, certainly more whimsical than Coupland’s more sinister meaning. I will pop by your blog soon…

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  2. One of my favorite movies is Blade Runner. It was adapted from ‘Do Androids Dream of Sleep’ by Philip K. Dick, which I’d read/inhaled long before the movie came out, in my youth. I’m sure I’ve been influenced by both of these ‘visionary’ tales in my own relationship with machines. I have a most intimate and complex relationship with both my car, which is 18 yrs. old and both svelte and dependable….and my computer. I monitor its activities and tinker with its inner runnings, attempting to understand it’s sensitive side.

    Besides….It’s the people BEHIND the machines that are eavesdropping. Another good one, John!


    1. This is one of my all time favorite movies and novels too. Along similar pathways of contemplation I recall ‘A.I.’ written, directed, and produced by Steven Spielberg, and based on Brian Aldiss’s short story ‘Super-Toys Last All Summer Long.’ A poignant morality tale and futuristic noir also tackling the still fairy tale subject of man-made machines with human-like artificial intelligence. Your relationship with your car is endearing and innocently old school as an 18 year old vehicle poses no threat to your privacy. My belief is that there are now cars on the market that are able, in innocuous ways, (so far), to understand YOUR “sensitive side”! Yes, to date, it is the people (corporations) who are eavesdropping through the machines we use and collecting data about us. No doubt, soon they will give the machines the autonomous power to do this for them. “In the kingdom of the blind the one eyed ‘android’ is king”…(Desiderius Erasmus).


    1. LOL…and soon enough it could also be your toaster, oven, fridge and vacuum cleaner all talking amongst themselves about how to organize your life. ‘The internet of things.’ But you and I Ina, I’m sure, will opt out of all this if it comes before we finally Opt Out. (my washing machine sends greetings to yours)…


  3. My cell phone has, on two or three occasions, began ringing and when I answer I hear it ringing elsewhere and then somebody answers. Last time I did a ‘reverse number’ search and found it was a landline on the other side of town. My (paranoid side of things) brain concocts fantasy plots but my rational brain is merely puzzled by how ‘I’ am swept up in machine malfunctions. It’s very easy to imagine ominous implications.


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