Slogans for the 21st century #2. (Douglas Coupland at the VAG)

Slogans 2Digging beneath Coupland’s quirky, tongue-in-cheek humour…what do you think he is saying between the lines?

Please see my first post in this series for full explanation of all posts. Also see my first ‘Slogans…’ post for details on this section.

Credits: thank you to Douglas Coupland and the Vancouver Art Gallery for images and wall descriptions.

All photos by clinock

10 thoughts on “Slogans for the 21st century #2. (Douglas Coupland at the VAG)

  1. My Dad was an illustrator in advertising. I grew up in the industry, knowing about subliminal messages, slogans, branding…. all the trappings. I can’t help but appreciate something that catches my attention. But this is the nature of it …
    His observations are humorous and pointed. He has me laughing, pointing out the obvious…but, John, I’m missing that he doesn’t bring it home.


    1. I believe that Coupland has a complete grasp on all you have mentioned and uses it to market his work as well as to prod us a little into seeing clearly what he, corporations and the state are up to. Not sure what you mean, “that he doesn’t bring it home.” If you mean that he doesn’t answer the questions he poses or that he doesn’t offer easy resolutions, I think you are right (although in his books he goes deeper). In this show he simply puts it out there in creative and interesting ways and leaves the rest to us. These are just my ideas amongst all of your and all of my readers’ ideas and I’m fascinated by how we all respond. Thank you again Jana for sharing your point of view.


  2. I think John, that I’m putting up a bit of resistance to this part of his show because he is using advertising techniques to express his view. There’s reasons these techniques are used…the bright colors, bold text, poster format, provocative “slogans”. It’s clever … maybe he’s “taking on two birds with one show” ??.. and granted, I haven’t seen the rest of this exhibit,
    but I guess I’m missing Warhol’s soup can. I would be interested to see, in some visual context, how he’s personally digesting all he’s presenting. This is fun John… thanks for these provocative posts!


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