Whispers answered

from behind the veil.

Invitations to dance


Absorbed in blue

succulent wetness,


deep rooms of warm release.


Dissolved in wonder,

confirmed by touch,

embraced with namelessness,

diving into light,


in the confluence,

moisture and flesh,

sliding into rebirth.


Painting and Poem by clinock.

15 thoughts on “Baptismos.

  1. Another “classic” Clinock painting John…..radiant, mysterious, glowing in coolness, touched by warmth and beautifully described in words once more…giving us all…..rebirth. Thank you!.


  2. Your images John always give us a doorway in and a doorway out. I am thinking of breath on veil and softly muffled words with all that blue. Very textural and atmospheric pairing.


    1. They are certainly always doorways for me Steven although sometimes I am amazed what I find on the other side. “breath on veil and softly muffled words” I like very much. Thank you my friend…


  3. I guess for me, John, square and blue and light equates with ‘ice’ and deep thermal springs. I turned this one around and around looking from all sides…fun with abstracts… and the orange umbilicaled figure sprouted wet feathers… watch out when they dry off and fluff up!


    1. Jana, you have perceptively touched on the one discrepancy between the image and words that has itched me a little since I paired them. Most often I write for the art or art for the write, but these started out as two distinct entities that I tried to bring together. There’s a certain incongruity between the square nature of the painting’s environment and the very organic feeling of the poem. Had they been naturally paired I would have painted a more ‘womb’ like ambiance. You are so right to see a geometric ice whereas what I needed was an immersing warmth. Oh well, I never have been a successful match-maker! I completely adore the end alert of your comment…thank you for your seeing, and the laugh…


      1. I don’t know John.. This made me think of the landscape of Iceland. The glaciers…the thermal springs. All that space and raw primal beauty…and what lies behind that square…this is a grand place of birthing


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