Humorous Interlude – tight parking trick

tight parkingWarning: this tight parking technique will only prove successful if you have the Hydro Pole Absorption App installed in your vehicle.

Photo by clinock.

10 thoughts on “Humorous Interlude – tight parking trick

    1. Free from But my advice is to wait as there have been a few unfortunate glitches. The most tragic was a failure to inform drivers of the necessity of leaving the vehicle before operating the App.


  1. Well John I think you have it……..the best energy saving app for vehicles. All it needs is an additional Sail App and it will be complete. Saves fuel and allows for tight parking. And an additional feature is it guarantees no theft too. Absolutely wonderful!

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      1. John together we could make sure “ever car has one”……..remember Leonardo designed such things…….it did not hurt his art…..Mona is a case in point! 🙂


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