Magical Forest

magic forestmagical forest

blossoming through yielding touch

coming in colours


canopy caressed

rising wood adheres to hand

viscous sap flowing


thrusting branches stroke

pigmented liquids flooding



rooting and seeding

treetops sway and dreams are born

sylvan mystery

Photo and haiku by clinock

18 thoughts on “Magical Forest

  1. Painting a mystery indeed — sometimes artists are almost inverse detectives — seeing to preserve a mystery rather than solve it. fantastic poetry and picture John.


  2. Magical forest indeed John……and most artists have one in their own studio…but not like this one…it is special… has grown from your own creativity, nurishes with your spirit…..magical indeed!!!!!


  3. Luscious brushes…especially the ones most scrabbly and worn down, digging down beneath the surface, uncovering the layers, texturing now with voices all their own, extensions of creative fevers, in love with all the colors…every one. Sigh….


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