Sagacious Serendipity – Red



A working studio becomes layered with a deep and wondrous treasure trove of raw material. When I become a camera the possibilities of framing chance encounters with surreal and inspiring compositions are limitless. This series shares my captures of random juxtapositions that caught my eye. Some I may use as source ideas for painting, but all are complete in themselves as examples of sagacious serendipity.

The scraps of writing and doodles are taken from my version of a sketchbook which consists of bits of paper I scribble on as I moodle around the studio.

Click on images for more detail.

18 thoughts on “Sagacious Serendipity – Red

  1. Infinite combinations of creativity come together through the artist’s hands. Engaging synchronicity… Thanks John.î


    1. Arrrr lass, you be onto me wee subterfuge…I discern white has caught up to both red and blue! Tis me visual poetical license you perceive but what might this buccaneer do but carpe diem this serendipitous treasure? xoxo


    1. Happy to make you happy Billimarie and to provide grist for your story mill.
      PS. not sure why I’m no longer receiving any notifications of your posts?


  2. You inspire me with your bouts of sagacious serendipity, John. I am thinking differently with my fabric creations because of this adjective–maybe it’s a noun. 🙂 I tend to respond too often to quizzical looks when I make unexpected combinations in my pieced quilt tops. I absolutely adore your creations!


    1. Thank you for your very kind words Debra and I encourage you to enjoy and value your “unexpected combinations.” Such happy accidents keep art alive…


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