Sagacious Serendipity – hope

hopehopeA working studio becomes layered with a deep and wondrous treasure trove of raw material. When I become a camera the possibilities of framing chance encounters with surreal and inspiring compositions are limitless. This series shares my captures of random juxtapositions that caught my eye. Some I may use as source ideas for painting, but all are complete in themselves as examples of sagacious serendipity.

The writing and sketches are taken from my sketchbook.

Click on images for more detail.

6 thoughts on “Sagacious Serendipity – hope

  1. 🙂 Usually poems of hope make me feel hopeless, but this sketchbook treasure has a beauty that might change my mind on hope in art. x


  2. Where is hope? I echo the question. Zen says not to hope because hoping takes us out of the present. Zen is pretty harsh though and many of us long to escape the present from time to time… me included.


    1. I wonder if imagination is a close kin of hope? Intellectually I get the Zen approach but in my heart and creative life I need both. Lovely to hear from you Sharyn…


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