Sagacious Serendipity – VERN


vernA working studio becomes layered with a deep and wondrous treasure trove of raw material. When I become a camera the possibilities of framing chance encounters with surreal and inspiring compositions are limitless. This series shares my captures of random juxtapositions that caught my eye. Some I may use as source ideas for painting, but all are complete in themselves as examples of sagacious serendipity.

The scraps of writing and doodles are taken from my version of a sketchbook which consists of bits of paper I scribble on as I moodle around the studio.


13 thoughts on “Sagacious Serendipity – VERN

  1. Love sagacious serendipity occurring in a working studio. Had not come across moodle so had to research it……interesting. Did you use it in your teaching?


    1. “So you see, imagination needs moodling – long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering.” / Brenda Ueland /
      I didn’t know the word when teaching but always shared the essence of the idea with my students, although I was never popular with the school administration for this. ‘Moodling’ – a combination of musing and mental doodling, the true source of creativity. Thanks Rob…


  2. I have some very old moodlings of yours that came from mountain tops many many years ago. I will send them on to you.


    1. That would be amazing Mogs, faded paper memories of a me that used to be and maybe, in part, who I still am. Look forward to it…lovely to hear from you, as always…


  3. Sagacious serendipity has now made it into my vocabulary. I will look for it every day! And your treasure trove really catches the eye. Were I to take my scraps of interest and inspiration and compile them, they would still look like scraps. 🙂 Yours inspire!


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