map of my heart


In case I disappear here is a map of my heart,

a patched up job, repeatedly reassembled.

With a little patience it can still be understood

and if gently handled it won’t fall apart,

but please do not fold, spindle or mutilate.


Its paths and crossroads are still echoing

with songs of travelers passing through,

tears too are heard, of the wandering lost,

for though the roads are straight they are also worn

and collapsed with confusions and misdirections.


Notice how the blue of fallen sky becomes an ocean

where angels and mermaids dance in arcs of light.

I rest on these beaches when I lose myself,

cool my feet in the waves and sleep for awhile,

then I remember, this is the way back home.


And here are the greens of meadows where I lay

deep in new growth, my thrusting blossoms

seeding the verdant winds and high forests of isolation

with pollinations of laughter, longing and desire.

I smudge the map with unseen words against forgetting.


And there the golden glow of a thousand votive flames

illuminates the holy dark, recalls the first January sun,

places lamps in all the windows, engorges summer heat,

reflects itself in conjured forms of island fantasies

and shapes of full moon dreams in fields of wheat.


The signatures of red I will not hide beneath the surface,

they are its surging life and are crying for acceptance.

These bleeds of love seep through the gauze of landscape

however many bandages of colour I apply.

No compass needed here. This is a map of my heart.

torn and reassembled acrylic painting and poem by clinock

23 thoughts on “map of my heart

  1. Really beautiful…initially I thought the poem very personal, but because I can also relate so closely to the images, maybe you are writing about the human heart. Am I right?


  2. Powerful indeed the furrowed landscape sighs
    Better to feel everything
    knowing the Deep has always loved you
    falling falling
    until there is no longer a place to push off from
    freed from gravity’s holding


    1. Thank you for the deep insights of your poem Jana and for the exquisite spirit of your expression. I am captured by the image of no longer having a place to push off from…free fall


  3. Poetry well done! I wrote a poem (“Mended Heart”) about my heart that was stitched with fabric and colors and life but could not illustrate it the way you have with art. I really enjoyed yours today!


  4. Dad, I love the first line of this poem. It made me think of many other first lines of books that are famous and will never leave our minds. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….”
    This is a beautiful poem, one that I will read again. Your use of words is brilliant, the vocabulary you choose perfect. I like to think of the wonders of this world, its beaches, skies, and beautiful forests, as being able to pull us out of our darkest times. Sometimes I marvel at our world, and its ability to do this. I have felt this many times. But sometimes it isn’t enough, and we need to have our own sunny beaches and votive lit forests to keep us happy and alive! Glad that you have these sanctuaries Daddio!


    1. Your words, thoughts and insights touch me deeply Sam and I thank you for them. I love it when you drop by Art Rat, you always have such a positive and inspiring view of life and of my endeavors, it warms my heart as you always do. Hope you know that you and Jesse are also sanctuaries for me, the most treasured…


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