‘The 100’ – # 100. Fin


Done, over, concluded, terminated.

Remember the end of those romantic

French movies? “FIN”,

as in finished and finale.


Time to put on coats and hats,

shuffle through popcorn detritus and cola cans,

leave the cosy sentiments of make-believe,

the warmth of shared fantasies and holding hands,

the smells of perfume, upholstery and sweat,

and step through swinging doors

into the glare and noises of the street,

stunned for a moment, floating between

two worlds, not certain which is real.


Mixed media art and poem by clinock

Thanks Mr. Twain.


15 thoughts on “‘The 100’ – # 100. Fin

  1. And we in the dark sit
    Thunderstruck by what we just experienced
    Knowing that we leave enriched
    By both that which we realize
    And what will spring from
    Insight seeds even now germinating
    Thank you John


    1. Thank you Nancy, it’s a relief of sorts to complete a preordained series like this but, of course, my interest in the dance of text and art continues…


  2. You couldn’t have put better end titles to the series, John, yet it does make me sad to see it end. An optimist at heart however, I see it as a completion which is now waiting to be enjoyed again, and again…. Beautiful, my dear friend. 🙂


    1. You are very kind Marina but be not sad my friend, it’s only the numbers that are ended. If one deleted the dates from the calendar time would still exist. My fascination with text based art will give birth to many more posts of this nature…stay tuned…


    1. “Starch and whimsy” … sounds like an old music hall variety act…”and NOW,..Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome STARCH AND WHIMSY, the stiff and fantastical partners of magic and mayhem…they will amaze and disintegrate your logic…bring you to your knees with their acrobatics and circumlocution…daaaaa, dum!
      Just kidding Jana…for your notes only…I hear you and thank you sincerely…


  3. Hi John,
    Congratulations with the 100! They have all been really interesting, beautiful and done masterfully. And of course this is not the end, just FIN for now 🙂 Keep doing your art, my friend. You do it so well! 🙂


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