The 100 # 99 – going


This is the original image of #1 of ‘The 100series. Sprayed onto a particularly uninspiring example of city architecture in East Vancouver this single word “going” attracted me because of its carefully inscribed Grade 6 style of writing, so different from most urban wall graffiti. Its simple one word power of mystery, poetic evocation and pathos enchanted me.

I considered the obvious, that this was the beginning so it should also be the end. However, I am placing it at #99,  just before the cycle finishes, because I need to contradict the obvious.


I have made some changes to the image and use it here as the penultimate #99. I cropped and added text to the photo creating a poem of sorts, or perhaps more realistically, a primitive chant, of leaving, of departure…The illuminated ‘One’ was unintentional but when it happened it gave me pause…despite our going and separation we are still one, always one, here together…

going gone

going gone


going going


going gone

gone going

gone going


going going


the song of the sailor raising the sails,

the drums of the warriors leaving forever,

the pounding heart of the  refugee,

the hurt voice of lovers

walking away,

the boots of the restless

embracing the highway,

the cry of the imprisoned

as iron doors crash close,

the breath of the dying

on their final beds of light,

time, seasons, love,



Photo and poem by clinock.

Credit and thanks to the unknown street writer.

14 thoughts on “The 100 # 99 – going

  1. A primitive chant…the liquified white dust from a pile of bleached bone scrolling through the long loops of innocence…the ineffable lighting four corners on the concrete block horizon line…
    Whoa John…evocative and inspiring


      1. Even though the sun punctuates the tops of e’s and o’s
        the vowels echo
        their emphasis hollowed out

        Words banging against the windows
        a cacophony of sentiment from the world of sound

        In only silence
        can I listen for your voice

        (I hope you don’t mind my posting this here John. I woke up to the words last night and I realized this morning that #99 was still influencing my thoughts. )
        Best, Jana


  2. There are so many things I love about this ONE John………the simple idea you began with…..extended…..and now use to draw to conclusion…..or rather a new beginning. How words have different meaning in different times and contexts. How you have woven your words onto this seemingly obscure graffiti word and given it depth, meaning……and mystical illumination. On top of all this you have given us expection and wonder as to what you could present us with for #100 as this post would seem to fulfil that role perfectly…..


  3. First, the transformation of a very functional looking building with one word. And then, the huge shift towards treasured manuscript in its second outing. It is too greedy to wonder what’s next?


    1. Thanks Philippa, as of now now I don’t know what’s next…something perhaps that’s eluded me and is waiting to be discovered…so many possibilities…


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