‘The 100′ #96 – (b)ananartista

banana 4

Hello everyone. This post and the following four will complete my ‘The 100’ series. You may remember that my 100th Post initiated ‘The 100’ series in April 2012. As text and images are the essence of my blog my intention was and still is to present 100 pieces of text based art from historical and contemporary artists and from my own hand.

I originally thought to complete this series by my 200th post, however, #96 is Post 391 and I am determined to complete the series before I reach Post # 400.

For #96 of ‘The 100’ I present a very favorite artist of mine, (b)ananartista.

banana 5

(b)ananartista is a visual trickster, magician, clown and iconoclast. He carries the spirit of Duchamp’s Dada into the 21st century with a vibrant insanity, presenting the eye and brain with near psychedelic experiences. His vibrant colourful circuses of wall to wall drawing  and text pull the viewer into an exquisite madness that drops the jaw and pushes one’s belief in what art is to the extremities.

banana 1

I will, of necessity, only show you a small selection of his text based work but he has many more on this theme and many, many more art and performance works that don’t include text but are just as extraordinary and well worth a visit.

Rather than attempt to explain (b)ananartista further I now leave it to him and follow with the introduction he sent me:

…(b)ananartista orgasmo SBUFF is (not) a visual artist, composer, songwriter ( his last album IL TRONISTA is available to buy), video director, performer, “pictor sublimis“, poet, fashion designer, dancer and living museum.
(Un)doubtedly is also a biological quasar, erotic porn walker, Sbuffone, ascended oracle funny retarded caterpillar , cyclopic pornotrain and pataphysician.

websites: http://www.bananartista.com

banana 3

 The works the artist has chosen for this post appear above, throughout both introductions, and also below.

banana 6

I thank (b)ananartista for permission to share his art and encourage you to visit his various sites to see all of the magical expressions of creativity he offers the world in his own inimitable style.

banana 11


19 thoughts on “‘The 100′ #96 – (b)ananartista

  1. Wow, his art is eye candy that lures you in for a closer look and then keeps you for awhile. Excellent choice!


  2. His work is certainly powerful and original John……there is a Basquiat influence but it is much more developed and structural. Good choice as you near the 100!


  3. Congratulations on achieving these numbers and making such a meaningful series from them John. These are paintings of great energy. They bring to mind European work made “between the wars.”


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