My friends and community…I need to take a break from blogging for a short while so please understand my silence until I return…

As you all know, sometimes a quiet hiatus from the familiar is necessary. It is very necessary for me right now.

Chapeau! to you all, for your thoughts, your inspiring creativity, your constant support…you are so much a respected and cherished part of my life. It is wonderful and almost magical, this electronic connection to you all in so many parts of the world. I easily remember a time when sharing minds and hearts as we do through technology was only a sci-fi dream.

I realize that our own small village of communication is only one of many interconnected villages, circles linking with circles. You all have your own circles and I know I am a very small part of this pattern. However, I am a part and happy to be, so, Chapeau! mes amis…

JC web image

I also want to tip my hat and say a warm Hello to all of you who have chosen to follow my blog but with whom I have never personally connected. There was a time when I replied to everyone when they subscribed to Art Rat Cafe but I have not been able to do this for quite awhile. So please accept this as a collective and sincere THANK YOU…never doubt how much I am honoured by your follow. I wish so much that I was able to visit each of you personally, read and comment on your blogs and get to know you…

Chapeau! Chapeau! Chapeau!

3 hats

Until next time,

A la prochaine,

Hasta Luego,

Art Rat ❤

art rat image with pa#10EDE

24 thoughts on “Chapeau!

  1. I absolutely get this, dear John. I’ve stepped back a great deal as well…sometimes I wonder how you can manage it all, given your rich content and the huge following that you have. We are so blessed by your poetry and your art…but, most especially, your embrace…your kind heart and your encouraging words. I’m wishing you a peaceful reflection time. Enjoy your life and know that you are well-cherished.


  2. John, I’m sure everyone of your followers will miss you but understand the need for a break….. particularly at the high standard you set for yourself. A typical post of yours can require hours of work….. painting, poeting (haiku time) and then finding suitable quotes, videos etc. Then you answer every comment with thought, consideration and humor……… As if that is not enough you then go to others sites to add valuable comments and honest opinions……and humor. More hours of work……………er work!!!!
    It can be like a fulltime job without pay! But there is a big reward and we fellow bloggers know exactly what it is…….hang on……remind me please. No, you are on a quiet hiatus……..just do your thing and we will await your refreshed return…….thank you!!!


    1. Thank YOU Robert, very much, and blogging is not at all arduous for me, it’s a great pleasure in fact, nothing at all like a full time job, and I know of which I speak :)…be well my friend, see you soon…


  3. Of course you must take all the time and distance you need, you have done a lot of work and it must have cost a lot of energy, but I have to admit I shall miss you enormously, your blog and your sweet and inspiring comments, so I do hope it won’t be too long… Your art and poetry is so rich, beautiful and meaningful. Please keep in touch every now and then my dear friend 🙂 x


    1. I’ve never thought of it as work dear Ina, just and only play, and everything I do creates energy in me, never depletes it. I am very touched by your comment, very and deeply…thank you my friend…


  4. I follow everyday and will miss your blog but you know Bear, after 46 years I am always in awe of your creativity and you never cease to amaze me. You have taught me so much through the years and for that I am eternally grateful. Hugs M


  5. I hope you are enjoying your break John and recharging and relaxing in joy. Your words and art will be missed and your return eagerly awaited


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