The Bathers


we gather at the lake

our radiation reservoir

for inter-species relaxation

and mutant speculation

as skies glow and redden

and the water’s edge

curls in upon itself

evolving even more

unfamiliar and unknown

beings that may

or may not threaten

the tentative peace

of our nervous immersions

as the slow apocalypse

disrobes to join us

testing the water

with its neon toes

and we remember


Painting and poem by clinock.

The Bathers. 20″ x 24″. acrylic and oil on canvas.

14 thoughts on “The Bathers

  1. Wow!!!
    Love the picture
    Your poem kind of echoes how my mind works, mutant ideas radicalize and progenesize 🙂
    Thank you John


  2. Wonderful musicvideo to accompany your beautiful painting and poem. And scary too, to think what pollution can do, but I still love the idea of swimming in clear water, (this brought back good memories of swimming naked in Greece (Naxos) where it was forbidden, but the water just asked for it! ) And I imagine the creatures of your painting to be in such water 🙂


    1. Alas, my painted beings bathe in tainted water…the clear waters of Naxos and of the video are just a fading memory for them.
      Bathing naked forbidden?! I thought the Greeks were more enlightened…although I imagine it being forbidden just added to your pleasure!
      Thanks for your words Ina.


  3. This is incredible work. The painting has many energy centers. It brought me in, took me away. The poem is a wonderful compliment and a great piece on its own.


  4. John your painting …. The Bathers has an intensity and purpose that go far beyond a namesake painting by Cezanne. Add to this your poem ….(and the video) and you have a very memorable statement relevant to our modern world…..well done!


  5. The entire mixed media presentation is haunting. It’s like the water-music in the video is below your painted surface. Such a strong image with your muscular painting. And your words either reaching up to or falling down from. ‘slow apocalypse.’ ‘our nervous immersion.’ Very moving.


    1. More than happy this touched you Steven, the presentation and the art. Sometimes it feels as if I want to do so much more than is possible on a blog page…maybe I should investigate film or something else that incorporates words, images, sound…


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