May The Fourth Be With You…again

May the Fourth

Looking, but not seeing

this leaping spring,

observed in surreal intensity

by the world

in your museum,

an incongruous anachronism

frozen in place and time,

stuffed stiff with allegiance

to moss covered empires,

your Freudian

hat and gun stand to,

but not with,


while across the street

cherry blossoms bloom

and all the human tribes

sing for peace.

Heroic statue, on guard

for the forgotten,

May The Fourth Be With You.

Redux from 2013.

Poem and photo by clinock.

Vancouver street art by unknown stencil artist and taggers, with thanks.

14 thoughts on “May The Fourth Be With You…again

  1. May the force be with you! (I didn’t quite get this last year. 🙂 ) It is good to remember. On May 4, here it is 2 minutes of silence for the war victims. Because it is on a Sunday this year, some people don’t want to do the 2 minutes of silence as it interferes with the Sunday rest… ?? 🙂


    1. In England, where I grew up and here in Canada Remembrance Sunday is in November, I find it interesting that it’s on May 4 for you and darkly ironic that my post coincides…also darkly humorous what you say about people losing sleep over the silence! Thanks Ina…


    1. Hi Lesley, that’s an interesting confluence about MITW painting in your neck of the woods, will you be able to meet up?…that would be magic…Thank you for exploring my past posts, hope you enjoy and that some of them speak to you…


  2. I think of social/political events around this date that shaped the defining mood of days long ago (Kent State, Nixon bombing Cambodia) and read your words about ‘the human tribes sing for peace…’ Like an anthem…


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