hot tub dance

hot tub

it was

a torrid tango,

intimate touches

in shimmering heat

and cold blue air.

hot tub detail 5

it was

a racing blood


a simmering

amniotic rendezvous.

it was

a sizzling cauldron of

salty wet desire,

a full moon

roiling ocean rumba.

hot tub detail 1

it was all

raw lips and basted thighs,

tangled flesh falling apart,

restless limbs losing ground

immersed and drowning.

hot tub detail 7

hot tub detail 9

hot tub detail 10

it was lines forgotten,

identities scrambled

naked, masked, revealed,

dissolved, fragmented,

whole and healed.

hot tub detail 2

and it was hide and seek

and blind man’s bluff

and catch me if you can

with a stiff oar in a feral sea

dipping and thrusting

through oscillating fluids

in a wavering boat

floating, flooding, rising

bodies liquifying,

spurting like whales.

hot tub detail 3

it was a forming and melting,

a mute transfiguration

lost in translation and found

again under sultry layering

of transmogrified faces.

hot tub detail 4

it was always in flux

through shifting perspectives

of steam where nothing was ever

what it seemed

hot tub detail 8

in the hot tub dance.

drawing and poem by clinock

All credits and an admiring thank you to Steven @ for the idea and inspiration for the design of this post. You are the Master my friend…

20 thoughts on “hot tub dance

  1. Looks fantastic John. Love how the ‘hide and seek’ in the poem is like ‘hide and seek’ with the images. All this blue and variations of blue and words of the sea ending up as gold like some temple relief. Beautifully done.


    1. Thanks Steven, means a lot to me that you think it works and your observations are as fine as they always are… “gold like some temple relief”…so perfect!


  2. Hi John, this is amazing. The longer I look the more I see. Water and blood, flesh, the passion of the dances in the poem. You have done a great job, and I like your new photo (avatar) too.


    1. Thank you Ina, I’m happy to have you peer deeply into my art and words, it means they mean something to you and this is inspiring to me…


  3. oooooh! I like the presentation here John. What captures me about so much of your work is its spontaneous “outpouring”…as if I am having a look “under the skin” of another species of human .. foreign and intimately familiar at the same time.

    And the rambunctious poem is sheer second chakra delight… blessed by the Temple of Spring. Bravo!


    1. Wowzers Ms. White…quite a comment, thank you. “spontaneous “outpouring”…well, to be honest, although it may appear that way I do work at it a little, until my brain liquifies and night becomes day. When I write / paint / draw I do often feel as if I am “another species of human” – one with skin like a curtain that you or anyone can lift up and look under to see the windows I keep meaning to clean. ‘Rambunctious’…what a fabulous word, want to use it at least once every day but it won’t let me, (although it just did)…yes, I know I have no poetic discipline but I try to harness the beast, bring it to heel, apply whips and chains, feed and give love, work until I blister, write and rewrite, turn inside out and then ask my muse if I might please sleep now and she says yes and then just as I am drifting away she prods me awake and whispers, “don’t you love me anymore”…I had to look up “second chakra” because I am out of the loop and no-one sent me the email but now I understand and know I am “blessed by the Temple of Spring”….


    1. “Overwhelming” in a good way I hope and yes, of course it is for you…you are always the supporting positive and I thank you Marina for this…


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