window interlude – Peggy’s Bird

Bird in Space


a canal floods in Venice

Peggy is satisfied

Bird in Space grounded

ghost of Brancusi leaving

for smoke and grappa

photo and haiku by clinock.

Bird in Space by Constantine Brancusi. Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice.

11 thoughts on “window interlude – Peggy’s Bird

  1. the ghost of Brancusi… leaving… for grappa…. How splendiferous an image. How physical and timeless at the same time…and grappa with that gleaming surface…like Brancusi’s Bird in Space. Very transcendent. beautiful.


  2. Hi John……..excellent post! Love the haiku and get the references which make it all the more meaningful and enjoyable. Did not know about the Bird entry into the US. So typical of government officials. Peggy was often satisfied by her artists.
    Also….recently I entered a photographic competition here with an entry titled “Blue Bird On A Wire (After Brancusi)” It was not accepted. Previously I had posted it as “A Touch Of Blue” at
    I think you will see the reference. So this post has very personal meaning…….. a big thank you!


    1. Thank YOU my friend, and of course you understood all the references, however subtle, I expect nothing less of you. I remember that photo and can only say that the judges were clueless in their rejection, it is a beauty…and very Brancusi. Happy I am that you found personal meaning in this post…cheers Robert…


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