light (memoria italiana)


“We’re in Italy,” you said,


and laughing you fed me oranges,

purple wine, cannoli and kisses

as Mediterranean light

danced through the window

and Italian voices rose


from the street below.

The beauty of your words

released me

from my traveling trance,

illuminating and

washing me in wonder,

amazed by the simple beauty

of being alive,

there, with you

in that blue and yellow day.

It poured through us,

that shining moment,

an ocean of ecstasy and liquid gold

and we helplessly surrendered

to its luminous tide

drowning willingly

in the deeps of colour,

the smells of olives, fish and sea

and the sound of distant singing.

Chair, roof tiles, window glass,

an arched Italian sky, your mirrored face

and the bright calling of bells

reflected radiance everywhere

dazzling and dissolving

behind closed eyes

as we inhaled each others breath

and exhaled the sun,

igniting southern stars.


poem and photo by clinock

16 thoughts on “light (memoria italiana)

  1. Viva Italia! 🙂 This must have been a wonderful time! I love the yellow and blue days, and such a lovely photo too. Ciao! 🙂


  2. Oh wow… this is absolutely beautiful. The photo perfectly illustrates your poem. What memories you must have!


  3. John I love the way you invited the viewer/reader to place themselves in the empty chair and soak in the atmosphere and words to relive and share your experience. We are there too…….Superb!


  4. Wowww John such a nice photo and poem…Both photo and poem took me in İtaly like in dream…
    You know ı am bad at writing so ı admire who can write nice poem.
    Thank you so much for sharing your artworks… ı start my day wonderfully 🙂


    1. Very happy you liked it Ayse, means a lot to me. You are not ‘bad at writing’…i admire your ability in another language, i have no such ability…And you are welcome.. if my artworks are not to share they are nothing…thank you my very dear friend…


      1. I am really bad at writing ı know:)) but ı try to expres my feeling when ı saw and read your poem…also you use simlpe words perfectly…ı am looking forward to seeing new post…


  5. I can’t imagine, well, I can try to imagine, how beautiful an experience this was. The writing about it tells a vivid, sensual, love & sun soaked tale, what an experience. The photograph makes it all very physical and yellow and sunny. Beautiful work John.


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