dark (almost)

dark almost

Dark, almost.

The trees already gone

and the reflected sky

not far behind.

Another clutch of breaths

maybe, before

utter blackness

shrouds the scene.

Just time enough to notice

that one surface

has begun to break.

poem and photo by clinock.

16 thoughts on “dark (almost)

  1. John…love the sharp contrast of the leaves and grass against the defused light glowing through the two surfaces…..just offset enough to create more depth and mystery. “Clutch of breaths”……..yes!


  2. Losing the light is one of ancient fears I think. It always is a relief when light returns. From your poem we learn there is always a break somewhere though! 🙂


    1. Good to hear all is well Philippa and I look forward to reading what you’re up to. No, haven’t heard from Eph for ages…her posts slowly dwindled and then stopped after she started art school. I’m not surprised, I know I couldn’t have kept up a blog when I was studying. Funny, I was also thinking about her recently. Maybe she will reappear one day…


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