light (dark heart)


dark heart

blue window

light whispers through tired tissue

pale relief

dark heart


disfigured by translucent dreams


dark heart


crucifixion behind stained glass


entering enlightenment

art and poem by clinock

22 thoughts on “light (dark heart)

  1. The blend of poem and art here make for a most tasty meal. The picture itself may be my favourite yet of those I’ve seen of yours, John.

  2. Hi John, this blue painting has so much beauty, and the poem too. It reminds me that Easter is coming 🙂 You always manage to make something great!

  3. Suspended enlightenment! Although I am far from an experienced reader, I have noticed very early on that in great poems you can mix words and they still hold the same meaning! [imho anyway] In your case they also blend perfectly with your amazing art! 🙂

  4. Love the image and was grabbed right away by the first two lines of the poem. I instinctively jumped from the opening (as I usually do with poetry) to the last couple lines and found such a pearl.

    dark heart
    blue window

    entering enlightenment

  5. So many images, John. I found myself turning this painting around and around with each side so different. An optical illusion… a torso from the front..a torso from the back…a kaleidoscopic landscape…..a patient guard beast…an orchid in an ethereal jungle…wings, bones and severed limbs, severed heads, internal organs. Like a tethered dream…

    The most remarkable aspect to me, though, in this evocative and complicated image is the balance between light and dark. No mater which way I view it, everything balances out.

  6. It’s very good Robert and thank you.. I’m glad you were able to see this post in a positive light…for me it’s a balancing act…

  7. thank you dear Marina, you see more than you think you see although all see differently and all seeing is perfect…your kind words are always taken to heart..

  8. beautiful perception Steven, your chosen lines are a distillation of the poem and I could have said only this and been satisfied…thank you for the pearl…

  9. truly lovely Jana, your reading and yes, in process it did present many possibilities and I have seen some of the images you have seen, others beginning to emerge for me…but most important is the balance and your recognition of this…it is the foundation…
    your poetic comment is striking, “Like a tethered dream..” gorgeous, thank you so much…

  10. I do understand Helen and I think there is more than a bit of darkness in all of us otherwise how could we know light? Take care…

  11. I really love this painting, John. Such a dramatic piece and the accompanying words are powerful to go with it! I always really like your work, but for some reason this one really stands out for me.

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