I caught the darkness
It was drinking from your cup
I caught the darkness
Drinking from your cup
I said, “Is this contagious?”
You said, “Just drink it up.”

Painting by clinock- the darkness. 8″ x 10″. acrylic on paper.

17 thoughts on “dark

  1. The painting is great, you are such a fine artist! And the meaning of the lyrics seem to dream wave with the paint. Absolutely lovely.


  2. Hello John,

    I have been working on other website for my throat singer and for a website about my real turkish culture and art page. I start a journey into the my root. I think my new paintings will be about it 🙂

    I saw your recent works are amazing..ı wish reblog but how ı will do? You are a wonderful friend so ı wish share your work with my friends too.
    I truly love your comment 🙂 thank you for your wonderful human being…

    ı wish have you as a twitter friends too!

    Here my website ı work on: http://tyulyush.wordpress.com/
    http://turancografyasi.wordpress.com/ http://huunhuurtu.wordpress.com/

    have a wonderful weekend 🙂


    1. Hello Ayse, thank you for your generous words and for taking the time to explore so many of my posts, you are a wonderful friend also and you know well how much I admire and am inspired by your art.
      It’s very kind of you to want to Reblog me…it’s simple, just click on ‘Reblog’ on the bar at the top of the post you want to Reblog. The drop-down should give you a space to comment. When done the post will immediately appear on your blog.
      Sorry, I’m not on Twitter.
      I think it’s brilliant that you are creating a site about your roots and I followed all of the links you sent and enjoyed…you know how I share your love of this music.
      Thank you again for your comment and for the beauty you create in the world…


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