Full Moon


Not all full moons are filled with romance, some radiate madness and partings…


Poem by George Gordon Byron – Lord Byron. 1788–1824. Interpreted by Leonard Cohen.

Drawing: Full Moon by clinock. 18″ x 24″. Pastel and conte on Paper.

12 thoughts on “Full Moon

  1. Moon and love, they belong to each other! A beautiful painting and Leonard’s words seem to be written for the image.. Adam and Eve after the apple? I see a bit of Vincent’s “madness” in the colours as well. Love it! 🙂


    1. Your Garden of Eden question…hmmm wasn’t in my mind but yes, could be viewed that way…the ageless story of woman and man. Vincent was very present when I did the sky. Happy you loved it Ina, thank you…


  2. Your drawing has well captured the emotional intensity and power of the full moon John and infused it with flowers of optimism even in moments of deep grief and pain. So sensitive……. just like Leonard’s song. Thank you…


  3. Beautiful image…looks like a dream come to life…and the one in turmoil (perhaps) seems snagged by spiky branches and is enclosed yet he (?) also is the one with a halo of spirit. All wild guesses but an inspiring image that gives one pause. Love that patch of light green showing falling moonlight. Is she leaving it all behind.


    1. Love your perception of the moon as ‘a halo of spirit’ Steven, not intended but it creates a fascinating alternative story around the image. I like the patch of light green too… and ‘is she leaving it all behind?’ well that’s the question isn’t it…your thoughts are always inspiring, thank you


  4. I love this painting, it reminds me of Blake, but the colours are so vibrant and add so much depth to the piece, conveying so many conflicting emotions. Great work, John.


  5. You have immersed your full moon in beauty, my dear John. I never viewed a full moon as romantic, to be honest – more ‘restless wonder’ kind of feeling, even frightening at times, hence your painting feels ‘at home’! 🙂


    1. ‘restless wonder’…’frightening at times’…I believe you’ve seen to the heart of the drawing Marina and am happy you feel at home there…thank you my friend…


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