called again to the gate

at the gate

called again to the gate

the door

the mirrored self

the mirage

the shimmering

silent veil

the mystery

waiting for a sign


skies remained







out of the blue

beyond the gate

the door

the reflection

the mirage

the silent veil

a shimmering voice

an invitation

to dance

the mystery


an empty


singing illusions

of oceans


waiting for a sign

before making

an entrance

into another

shimmering unknown


Painting and poem by clinock.

Painting: 11″ x 15″. acrylic on paper.

16 thoughts on “called again to the gate

  1. The light falling on the right part of the orange “torso” gives it body and those wonderful colours! I can’t take my eyes from them, but I love the poem as well. Lovely!


    1. thanks so much Ina…I know my art but am tentative about my poetry…to receive positive comments from you helps me understand I am maybe on the right road…I admire what and how you write…inspires me a lot…


  2. Another inspiring post, John. I’m learning a lot here about process and play. And the juxtaposition between image and poem. I like seeing the colors you choose to compliment your poems…another means of communication….and the wave-like movement in the poem. A feast!


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