Self Portrait as Parquet Flooring under Renovation

SP as parquet flooring

sometimes it’s elusive



this renovation thing

this endless penitential kneeling


 sawdust and glue

to make new

that which is broken

like living in a smashed mirror

or walking on ice

that’s cracking

all around you

one needs to surrender

every molecule

of attention

to that shining orb inside

 called home

otherwise everything begins

to fragment

and the danger is


which part fits where

and why

conte drawing and poem by clinock

26 thoughts on “Self Portrait as Parquet Flooring under Renovation

  1. Hi John, great poem, renovating oneself must be like that, and what a wonderful drawing, Picasso would have liked it as well I am sure! It would be nice to have a floor like that! 🙂


    1. Pablo is us…and our floors resonate with our footsteps…I have a floor like that, nice sometimes until I polish it to reflect my face, then it challenges my steps…


  2. I try to imagine having a similar self portrait on my floor and what poetry my feet would make each time I needed to walk on through, or over…or around. Thanks for the provocative and thoughtful post. The drawing and poem are intriguing companions.


    1. Your self portrait on your floor…walk into it…the floor will open up like a door…so many adventures waiting there…you must have visited before…you must know…


  3. I believe that Leonard Cohen has lyrics that say ” the cracks are where the light comes in”
    Wonderful and evocative art and poetry. Thank you.


  4. Hi John, this looks like it has been carved from wood, although it’s the texture of the drawing materials you’ve used, which work so well with the idea of a fractured piece. It’s a fitting and beautifully written poem too.


    1. What a great idea Robert…custom made flooring containing the portrait of the owner…there’s a creative business just waiting for some young and talented entrepreneur..


  5. …keep coming back [as I always do with your work].
    “one needs to surrender every molecule of attention to that shining orb inside called home”
    Likewise I surrender to the beauty of your art and poetry! 🙂


  6. Love your parquet floor on paper John, so easy to imagine your drawing translated to woods installed as the centerpiece of an entry hall, or better yet, recreated in the floor of an indoor public space with inches scaled to feet… imagine silence muffled by quiet conversations and clicks of high heels, people coming and going and wonder if anyone would hesitate, avoid walking on your portrait as if it were partitioned off by invisible velvet ropes.


    1. such wonderful, descriptive writing Nancy…you evoke this imaginary scene so clearly that all my senses recreate it from your words…thank you so much for this…


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