Invitation to Play 3

invitation to play

Still far from resolution and quite rough but here it is as it stands right now.

invitation 3

The process to date:

Steven suggested adding white but gave no details, so I applied it with a palette knife, to top left, top right and around the circular form.

Jana suggested a mix of Burnt Sienna with Ultra Marine Blue applied in the top left quadrant with a palette knife. I obviously used more blue than sienna. The resulting triangular form felt too isolated so I continued it around the circle. I then began building onto the right hand whites using some blues along with touches of colours already used. I ragged in more yellow and strengthened some of the reds. I layered all of this a number of times, putting on and taking off with a palette knife and sometimes wet rags.

The central area remains a mystery to be solved and has also lost some of its previous dominance.

The painting has gained a little more composition and form and we are now at Stage 3:

Once again I ask you for your suggestions, especially for the emerging forms, but also for colour, application techniques and general direction.

Thank you as always for your participation…the game continues…

For the concept behind this challenge please see ‘Invitation to Play 1’.

The ‘Invitation to Play‘ painting is a found image photographed in a local park in East Vancouver. I don’t know the artist but will credit you if you contact me. I thank you for inspiring the title for this post.

21 thoughts on “Invitation to Play 3

  1. Maybe some black drawing in it? To give shapes? (Once more I am convinced you know much more about this than me lol but still that is my suggestion maestro πŸ™‚ )


    1. Ina, Ina, πŸ™‚ of course it contributes, that’s the nature of this painting…not mine but the community’s, a sharing in which anything and everything is possible, no wrongs or rights…the joy is in the process. Thank you again my friend for participating…


  2. John I think Ina is right……it needs some structural elements brought into it…….either line or stronger form. Maybe a portrait or suggestion of a figure……..use your drawing skills/intuition and maybe black might be a bit servere even though I love it too. How about burnt sienna or raw umber…..this could be used to bring out some form too. Looking good!


    1. I agree Robert, more structure and strengthening of form is needed…I will attempt to do this employing your ideas…thank you for your continued and thoughtful support of this project…


  3. Such an enjoyable activity John to see what you are concocting. My thought was black also. A black rod, thinnish, dead centre, from the bottom of the canvas, up to the first edge of the blue ‘wave.’ I see bird/serpents in your composition.


    1. Thanks for your thoughts Steven – the black rod I will do pronto, that’s an easy one and who knows where it may lead. Bird / serpents, absolutely…I see them also…guardians of the mystery?


  4. I see a Christ-like green face taking center command with halo. As focal point it cries give me detail or form. Upper right corner to be replaced by soft ocher gold as in the bottom and left side of arc.


    1. Am interested in your ‘Shroud of Turn’ vision of the central mystery Carl…I’ll let it sink in. Meanwhile I will apply your idea for the upper right corner. Thank you very much for participating…


    1. powerful, poetic and evocative words Nicole, thank you, they will float in my mind and hands while I paint…and yes, it is a very interesting and magical process, to transmogrify many and varied ideas into one artwork…a unique experience for me, and I’m loving every moment…


  5. Daddio! I like the contrast of what is happening in the bottom left, compared to the bottom right. More bottom left stuff? I also think the “dripping” effect is taking away from the flow of the painting. BUT, I do love the contrast of the main circular form to the boxyness of the fish in the bottom right. On that note, goodbye and thanks for all the fish.


    1. thanks so much for your comments Sam, your observations are more than just fishing for compliments, they have porpoise and sole…but please stop carping on about fish, you’re giving me a haddock πŸ˜‰


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