Invitation to Play 2.2

invitation to play

Layers 3 and 4 of the four colour requests submitted for Stage 1.

First up is Ina’s layer 3 Red applied with a wide wet brush:

Ina's Red

As always I grow attached to each layer and want to keep it, or at least leave much of it revealed as I apply the next layer. I admit I was carried away with Ina’s red and regret not leaving more of layer 2 showing through. I tried to recover it by scrubbing with water but had left it too late, acrylics dry fast. But no matter, each successive layer is made richer by what went before.

Second is Robert’s layer 4 Cad Lemon Yellow, rubbed in with a rag and scraped with a palette knife.

Rob's Yellow

When I applied Robert’s yellow I found myself entering the next phase of the painting, Stage 2, beginning to introduce composition and form. I didn’t mean to engage in this so early but it just wanted to be there. I don’t usually like to center the focus of the work, preferring to place it to one side or the other for a stronger composition; however, wanting to preserve the top center turquoise area led to this somewhat symmetrical arrangement.

So something is emerging although still rough and as yet, unresolved. Which leads us to Stage 2.

Stage 2 from you: As communal participants I ask that you now look at what’s happened to date. I welcome your comments but also am soliciting your suggestions, without which this process will grind to a halt. I need you to suggest how I might proceed from here. I understand this is not as easy as Stage 1.

Ask yourself...what do I see and how can my vision be made more tangible?

Ask yourself...which colours and forms might be made more important and which less important?

Ask yourself…should more colours or black or white be added and where?

As before I will act on the first 3 or 4 suggestions received. Thank you very much for your support, thoughts and ideas.

For the concept behind this challenge please see ‘Invitation to Play 1’.

The ‘Invitation to Play‘ painting is a found image photographed in a local park in East Vancouver. I don’t know the artist but will credit you if you contact me. I thank you for inspiring the title for this post.

19 thoughts on “Invitation to Play 2.2

    1. You want me to find the face and bodies you see and bring them out? I’m beginning to understand how complex this concept of a shared art work can be. Is it possible? Am I crazy to think this can work? I will look for your vision Ina and make it real if I can…


  1. Fascinating process to see what you’ve done (really great solving of the perpetual red/green puzzle…not easily done) and most recent suggestions. I found myself studying the image intently. My thought is ‘it’s done’ but I don’t think that’s the rule. So…white…I would do something with white.


    1. thanks Steven, appreciate your observations…I will happily ‘do something with white’…are you willing to be more specific? Love the serendipity of Jana’s comment following yours…looks like I will be acting on your suggestion in more ways than one 🙂


  2. Burnt sienna mixed with a touch of ultramarine blue (your choice of the proportions) in the top left quadrant applied with a palette knife. Hi… I’m Jana. You’re brave and inventive…and I’m happy to have found your blog in the middle of this adventure.


    1. Hi Jana, how wonderful your comment popped up next to Steven’s and his suggestion! I’ve always enjoyed your thoughtful and poetic writings on Steven’s blog and will be honoured to follow your idea for this project. As I’m sure you know, those colours, with a little ‘white’ added to the mix results in a flesh tone…am excited to see how this looks on the painting. Thank you for your kind words…


  3. You amaze me! I once did this with students…called it an art game…building a bridge. The CEO of the game, could NOT see the piece of art as it was being created…but he was giving directions…to the engineers, who gave directions to the section bosses, who gave directions to the artists. But, it was the CEO who had the master plan in front of him. Sort of like the telephone game. This process you are going through reminds me of that! Such ingenuity! Ina has you going in a very amazing direction!


    1. Wonderful story Kathleen, talk about ‘ingenuity’…your students were and are so blessed to have you. Yes, Ina has me looking very deeply, through her eyes, at the painting, calling forth her vision…that’s what is so magical about this process…


  4. John I thank you for faithfully achieving my desired suggestion. I love the warm glow it gave the image. Also the intricate form is seemed to bring out…….suggesting maybe figures in a tunnel somewhat like Henry Moore’s tunnel drawings. However there is something mysterious unfolding in the center of the work. No more suggestion except “rock on” John!


    1. ‘Rock On’ I will Robert, in fact I intend to get boulder and boulder 😉 I thank YOU for your participation, suggestions and ideas. I met Henry Moore once, long ago, in my job greeting VIPs at Toronto airport. He was a small, dapper and gentle man, so different to his sculptures. There IS ‘something mysterious unfolding in the center of the work’…just not sure what is as yet…exciting…


      1. How wonderful to have met Henry Moore…….you never forget such meetings and I do believe there was reason you met him……no accidents in the Universe! best again……..


  5. Hola John

    Loving the bottom left side and bottom edge..turquoise, red, dark and the yellow drips. The center of the piece seems to swirl outward, toward the viewer. not reaching so much as pushing forward, insisting on something. I’ve no answers as to what and no suggestions about where to go from here.


    1. Hola Linda…lovely to see you here and thank you for your vision of the present state of this communal painting…you know how much I admire your eye and your work. Still in San Miguel? I’ve thought about it often this winter. Will email…


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