Eggs of Isis

Eggs of Isis 4



burning desire

fecund magic flames

igniting life’s passion

as over and over

 she conjures




we are

her eggs

her fruitful

full ripe bodies

 fertile  gardens of longing

surfaces penetrating sighing depths

parting hidden veils of loving

 exploring moist heat

soft caverns of fire





 opening more

 inviting us to dance

this waltz of birth and death and love

again and again and again

in blood and tears

and laughter

our shells




rounded arcs

of light


acrylic mixed media painting and poem by clinock.

12 thoughts on “Eggs of Isis

  1. Most people don’t know the frequency of resurrection story in ancient mythology. As the tears of Isis make to Nile overflow allowing the resurrection of Osiris which was celebrated each year just as the resurrection of Christ is celebrated each year. Christianity claims uniqueness but present in most ancient cultures.

  2. you have touched on another fascinating aspect of this Carl…after studying and teaching art history for many years I’m familiar with the ancient resurrection rituals and beliefs and their influence on Christianity. thank you for another way of seeing…

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