cap dam 1_2

Time will not be tamed

by tidy boxes

on calendars and screens,

Roman numerals on wrists

or New Year countdowns.


Time drowns us

like a broken dam,

steals our breath

like a full moon ocean

in a raging storm.


Time is a tsunami,

burial at sea,

waters of the womb,

Noah’s flood.

a dripping tap.


Time is a rushing river

in which we are reflected

briefly, like a star,

a flight of geese,

a falling leaf.


Photo and poem by clinock.

Photo: Cleveland Dam, North Vancouver.

11 thoughts on “Time

    1. Thanks Ina and my very best to you also for the New Year. Just getting to emails after break and see you and Robert and others have posted Time related reflections. Must be the ‘time’ of year…


  1. Hi John (Happy New Year)……this is a bit weird. A short TIME ago I posted my new post……..The Race To Save TIME. Then going through my emails I see this new post of yours……..TIME! I guess it could be just another coincidence but ……..
    Love the image (giant slipperyslide) and of course …..your poem.


    1. Happy 2014 to you too Robert. Thanks for your timely comment – thoughts about Time not so very weird as one year slips into another, Ina also has a Time post and there are others with this theme popping up on my emails. Will get around to reading yours and the others soon…


  2. Time is a tsunami. Excellent image. Earlier today I was wondering if time was real and took a look at my hands and face and concluded that even it isn’t its passage is.
    And of course a tsunami doesn’t stop at the shore. Here it comes. And all that space in your photo to fill!
    Great reflection on this 2013 passage. Thank you John. Happy New Year!


    1. Thank you Steven, an excellent and timeless question that involves so many levels of understanding…what is ‘real’?…is Time more than the cycle of birth and death, day and night and the changing seasons? Is Time simply a necessary label we attach to this process to make life easier…etc. etc…happy cogitating to you in 2014…


  3. Happy New Year John. Love the photo and the poem… it must have been a rush feeling the power of the water while snapping photos of the spectacular scene below.


    1. Cheryl, if you worked any faster than you already do you will cause some kind of time warp in the fabric of this planet ;)…you’re the most prolific artist / writer I know. Thank you for your words, they mean a lot…


      1. 😀 John, I’m just racing death, (enter BBC radiophonic thunder claps in background) and I know a lot of people who run faster than me! I absolutely love Tarot Reading, it’s a very powerful piece of art and poetry. (talking of prolific artists 🙂 )


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