‘The 100’ #92 – The Choice

The Choice

The Choice. 12″ x 9″. collaged drawing by clinock. (sepia toned)

‘The 100′ series was initiated by my 100th Post in April 2012. As text and images are the essence of my blog my intention is to present 100 pieces of text based art from historical and contemporary artists and from my own hand. To view the series to date click on ‘The 100’ in my Category Menu.

16 thoughts on “‘The 100’ #92 – The Choice

  1. As always, John, your work intrigues me. I like how the snowflakes add to the mystery of the elements. After clicking to view without the WordPress snowflakes, then coming back to view again, the snowflakes reminded me of gently falling tears.


    1. those digital cubist snowflakes…how do you turn them off anyway? first real snow in Vancouver today, but tomorrow will just be tears of slush…thanks for your perceptions Nancy…


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