‘The 100’ #90 – Clinock’s Big Adventure

Clinock's Big Adventure

Clinock’s Big Adventure, (self portrait) by clinock.

Acrylic and Mixed media painting on cradled panel. 18″ x 14″ (45.72 x 35.56 cm).

‘The 100′ series was initiated by my 100th Post in April 2012. As text and images are the essence of my blog my intention is to present 100 pieces of text based art from historical and contemporary artists and from my own hand. To view the series to date click on ‘The 100’ in my Category Menu.

24 thoughts on “‘The 100’ #90 – Clinock’s Big Adventure

    1. Look on dear Ina…much to see in this ‘adventure’…the blue and the other colours and the madness of exploration into my life…I am here and there and who knows where…


  1. Great to see your adventure included a save the planet, two wheeled vehicle. Love the one way suspension bridge above your portrait. I hav’nt got a year to study this in detail suffice to say……..excellent John!


    1. Yes, the old bike gets me around as it does you Robert. The red wired “suspension bridge” slides me from caged alter-egos to “intimations of mortality”… all very symbolic and self indulgent…but fun to make…thanks mate…


    1. mostly lots of laughs Marina although I find making self portraits always swing me from total hilarity to serious introspection and back again…roller-coaster rides all the way…


  2. Oh wow… chained or caged, in or out or all about, reflection on the water? It seems you have given us a satellite view of your terrain that can only hint at the deeper mysteries. Excellent self portrait of you and your great adventure.


    1. Thank you for your honesty Nicole…I’m wondering which images you see close-up that trigger your gut reaction? As for my “contemplative calm”…Picasso said, “Art is the lie that tells the truth.” Glad you liked it…


      1. We always view art through our own emotional paradigms. Perhaps we’ll never know the artist’s true intent. My response probably shows more about me, though I know you too have an inner fire as well.

        The tension starts in the choice of comics really. A lot of the dramatic “If I don’t do *** in time, then disaster will hit!” faces, the grasping hand, and even the appearance of sexual tension in the bare flesh images. All of the faces.. the 3D face in chains has a lot going on as far as self examination. Then the true self portrait in blues.. melancholic at first, misunderstood, but optimistic.

        My interpretation is again a reflection of your art through my own experiences, however I hope it’s not so biased that I can’t see you through them.


    2. “The creative act is not performed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds her contribution to the creative act.” / Marcel Duchamp /.
      Thank you Nicole for sharing your thoughts and contributing to my understanding. Yes, of course what you see is a reflection of you, just as my interpretations of and comments on your postings are a reflection of me.
      The fascinating thing about ‘mixed-media’ as different from pure painting is that one is faced with a choice of miscellaneous items on hand rather than only having to choose colours. The comics you mentioned come from a pile of old ‘Conan The Barbarian’ comic books that have been moldering in my ‘to use’ pile for years. If you are familiar with this type of comic you will know why the imagery is as you perceived…but still, I chose to use it for my background just as I would choose to use a Red for instance in a regular painting. So there is the element of chance in the availability of the item but there is also a conscious choice reflecting something in my psyche. This applies to all objects I chose to use in this work. The chained 3D face unnerved me also as I made it and placed it but I am not immune to my own mortality.
      Your interpretation is of necessity ‘biased’ however it hasn’t prevented you from ‘seeing’ me very clearly.
      Nicole…thank you again for your comment and also for listening to my ramblings…


      1. Very interesting. I like how you say you could use the comic just as you would a red. I often go into a creative flow state with art pieces.. interpretation mainly taking place after. It never occurred to me that the same level of fluidity of intuitive creation can happen with such varying techniques. I think you just broke a paradigm for me, thank you.


  3. Hi John, Well I thought you’d thrown the entire biographical, kitchen sink at us this time, everything from childhood to now/today with various materials representing periods of life and then I saw the blue face suddenly taking over the whole work reflecting the big adventure! It’s all in the (shadowed) face!


    1. Love your “kitchen sink” reference Steven and I almost didn’t post as I was thinking the same.. ‘this is just too far over the top’ etc. Glad I did now though because I’m really enjoying all of the interesting, perceptive and insightful comments. I indulged in obtuse personal symbolism, dark humour, some light-hearted soul searching and much laughter at myself and at how this piece unfolded. When my boys were younger we made up our own board games with intricate rules and many levels of adventuring, Dungeons and Dragons style. I thought of this as I made this piece and see the finished work as a ‘game’ of sorts with hidden rules, riddles and mysteries. My hope is that the viewer can enjoy and use these images to create their own story…thank you Steven…


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