let’s face it #3. part 2.


More Faces from the walls and sidewalks of Italy, Mexico and my home city of Vancouver.

Spray paintings, stencils and murals…all a modern 2D equivalent of the 3D Faces shown in posts #1 and #2.


The street artist reflects our faces and senses and how we interact with, or shut-out, our surroundings.

demos van

But the art or the reality of the face is always subject to the vagaries of time, weather and memory,

Mex mural 2

and together we face it, this strange life, through the senses that our eyes, nose, mouth and ears create.

Who sees the True Face

beyond the mask?

The mother, the babe, the lover?

Or none, ever?

not even the mirrored owner

who’s face has been

a relentless reflection

since birth.


Not even partners for life

or identical twins

reading each others mind

and knowing every line

of the others skin.

Not even the saint

who believes she has seen

the face of God.


The True Face is as veiled

as the True Name

and slumbers so deep

in the living essence

that it is only seen

clearly by the dying,

or in crystal visions

of the insane.

poem and photos by clinock.

Sincere thanks and credit to all the unknown artists represented here.

17 thoughts on “let’s face it #3. part 2.

    1. I grow wild in cities…WILD…I live in one such… primitive, anonymous and ears full of sirens, weed-eaters and half heard conversations…and so many, many faces…all necessary masks in the bustling throng…thanks Ina, don’t know about my poem quality unless hear from masters, (mistresses?) like you…


  1. Another wise man said clinock art and poems show much wis dom and in sight into the hu man con dition…….only prob lem is he rais es toomany quest ions an d mak es yuo th ink!


    1. I believe I am familiar with this wise man’s spaced out utterings and he is very kind but at the same time would have me ROFL if only I had vacuumed it recently so instead my desk chair must suffice to contain my rocking and rollicking response…


    2. I predict this thread is going to get complicated enough to become the domain of Ariadne..but are you referring to ROFL in HAO, the ancient capital of the Zhou Dynasty near present day Xi’an…or ROFL at an High Altitude Observatory, or possibly ROFL over the HAO, the hilarious monetary unit of Vietnam, worth one tenth of a Dong ;)? Is your ‘wise man’ worth one tenth of a Dong?


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