let’s face it #3. part 1.

Mex mural 3

Faces from the walls and sidewalks of Italy, Mexico and my home city of Vancouver. Spray paintings, stencils and murals…all a modern 2D equivalent of the 3D Faces shown in previous posts.

Road face

Some may be perceived as graffiti, some as street art and some as verging on fine art, but all are expressions of the artist’s fascination with the Face.

St kids

The face is ubiquitous in our urban environment, whether it be the living faces of people we brush against every moment as we move through our day or the static faces of the art of the street.


When we tentatively look into the face of the creased and mumbling old man on the bus, the beautiful young woman on the Sky Train or the spray painted features on the alley wall, we are entering an ancient ritual of human recognition of each other.

Mex mural 1

We silently ask, “Who are you my friend, behind the mask you wear?” And we ask, if only subconsciously, “What do the faces on this wall say about me and us and about the existential predicament we all find ourselves in?”

all photos by clinock

Sincere thanks and credit to all the unknown artists represented here.

16 thoughts on “let’s face it #3. part 1.

    1. We have become accustomed to ‘real art’ being forever, but since the advent of Conceptual Art we have come to accept that art, especially street art, can be as transitory as life itself. Much of street art vanishes with weather, time, erasure by the powers that be and demolition…it is here today and tomorrow it is gone – kind of like this blogging thing we do. Always wonderful to hear from you Ina…


    1. Yes, absolutely true Marina……. and also I was just looking at all the faces of my blogging community in their gallery, over there —-> and thinking how strange it is to know everyone from their words and art but not from their living faces…simply from one static photograph…bloggles the mind it does!


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