Desert Dream


I dreamed of a house

in the desert

and outside of the house

I met a being,

neither bird nor beast,

and this entity spoke to me

and asked

“why do you wander

in this burning desolation?”

and I answered

“I don’t know how I came

and have lost my name.”

And this strange creature,

neither beast nor bird,


“ there is no journey

that you can’t return from

and we all have names

beyond forgetting.”


I crouched on hot sand,

uncertain and cold,

and looking my companion

in the eye

asked for direction, clarity

and affirmation.

It pointed its beak

toward a blue and barren tree

and said, in a voice

that seemed to me like wind,

“follow the heart

that beats in your heart,

nurture the tree

until it gives fruit,

then eat.”


And I followed the heart

that beats in my heart

and I ate the fruit.

and the desert blossomed

and I am the gardener.


Conte drawing and poem by clinock.

20 thoughts on “Desert Dream

  1. Hi John, what a truely wonderful posting! The colour of the drawing was the first to take my breath away, and the poem is so wise! And now I am breathing again to wish you a good weekend 🙂


  2. I was immediately hit by the striking primal colour & shapes framing the bird/creature. Openings and closings. Very profound image. I love how the shapes are ‘cut off’ with edges, succinct like the (contained) poem, making the point cleanly. Your poem feels like an ‘in the desert’ moment of revelation. Beautiful.


    1. I always enjoy your comments Steven, you see to the essence and your words clear a path for me to walk into my work from new directions – I value very much what you see and say…


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